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“I’ve had no glitches in my two years of using Bulldog Rears. They are a great product to use.” “I’ve never had any trouble with any Bulldog Rear or DMI Product in all the years I’ve used ‘em. I wouldn’t use anything else.” “The most reliable rear I’ve ever had in a car.”
“We’ve never had any difficulties what-so-ever.” “I switched to Bulldog in the middle of ’06 and have had no problems. I would run nothing else.” “I can put the rear in the car and forget about it. It is a total maintance free piece.”
“They were flawless in our quest for the 2008 World of Outlaw championship.” “I cannot recall anything that gave me better service. I don’t know why anyone would use anything else.” “Absolutly trouble free. One less thing I need to worry about.”
    “They've addressed every problem I've ever had with a rear. It's a nice piece.”
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