Part Number Details
Rearend Components
RRC-1005 XR-1 Magnesium Rear Center Section
RRC-1005-01 XR-1 Magnesium Rear Center Section - Black Thermal Coated
RRC-1010 Large Inspection Plug
RRC-1015 Large Inspection Plug O-Ring
RRC-1016 Fill Level Plug
RRC-1017 Fill Level Plug O-Ring
RRC-1020 Small Inspection Plug
RRC-1025 Small Inspection Plug O-Ring
RRC-1030 3/8" NPT Allen Drain Plug
RRC-1031 3/8" NPT Magnetic Drain Plug
RRC-1032 Port -8 to -10 Union
RRC-1033 AN Port Plug -6
RRC-1034 Breather Assembly
RRC-1035 Breather Plug Fitting
RRC-1036 Breather Tubing - per inch
RRC-1040 90 Degree Breather Push - Lock
RRC-1049 Shifter Cable Mounting Kit
RRC-1050 Shifter Cable Mount
RRC-1055 Spacer for Shifter Cable Bracket
RRC-1056 One Bolt Shifter Mount
RRC-1057 Bolt for One Bolt Shifter Mount
RRC-1057T Bolt for One Bolt Shifter Mount - Titanium
RRC-1105 Side Bell O-Ring
RRC-1109 Short Side Bell Stud
RRC-1109T Short Side Bell Stud - Titanium
RRC-1110 Side Bell Stud
RRC-1110T Side Bell Stud - Titanium
RRC-1120 Side Bell Locknut
RRC-1120A Side Bell Locknut - Aluminum
RRC-1130 Side Bell Washer
RRC-1135 Ring Gear Back Stop
RRC-1136 Ring Gear Back Stop Assy.
RRC-1140 Back Stop Set Screw
RRC-1145 Back Stop Washer
RRC-1150 Back Stop Aluminum Nut
RRC-1200 Aluminum Axle 2" I.D. Long Splines w/ Spool
RRC-1201 Aluminum Axle - Beast Style 54-4 w/ Spool
RRC-1205 Aluminum Axle 1.875" I.D. Long Splines w/ Spool
RRC-1206 Aluminum Axle - Custom (+ Material Cost)
RRC-1210 Axle Bearing
RRC-1211 Angular Contact Ball Bearing for Axle
RRC-1215 Axle Bearing Race
RRC-1217 Axle Seal
RRC-1220 Axle O-Ring
RRC-1225 Axle Seal Spiral Lock
RRC-1229 Rear Axle Shim Kit 2-.075 3ea - .010,.012,.015,.020
RRC-1230 .010 Axle Shim
RRC-1235 .012 Axle Shim
RRC-1240 .015 Axle Shim
RRC-1245 .020 Axle Shim
RRC-1250 .075 Axle Shim
RRC-1251 .250 Axle Shim (For Angular Contact Ball Bearings)
RRC-1300 4.12 Ring & Pinion
RRC-1300-02 4.12 Ring and Pinion - EDM
RRC-1300-02-05 4.12 Ring & Pinion - EDM / Polish
RRC-1300-05 4.12 Ring & Pinion - Polish
RRC-1301 Ring Gear Bolt
RRC-1301X ARP Super Strength Ring Gear Bolt
RRC-1302 Ring Bolt Washer
RRC-1305 4.86 Ring & Pinion
RRC-1305-02 4.86 Ring & Pinion - EDM
RRC-1305-02-05 4.86 Ring & Pinion - EDM / Polish
RRC-1305-05 4.86 Ring & Pinion - Polish
RRC-1306 Bearing and Posi - Lock Kit
RRC-1310 Small Pinion Bearing
RRC-1311 Big Pinion Bearing - Timken
RRC-1311A Big Pinion Bearing - Superior
RRC-1312 Big Pinion Bearing Race
RRC-1315 Pinion Bearing Spacer
RRC-1320 Pinion Retainer Flange
RRC-1325 Stub Shaft Bearing Retainer
RRC-1330 2 Bolt Locking Tab
RRC-1335 Pinion Retainer Bolt
RRC-1335T Pinion Retainer Bolt - Titanium
RRC-1340 Rear Cover Gasket (Teflon Coated - Steel Insert)
RRC-1345 Silicone Sealing Ring for Gear Cover
RRC-1350 Rear Cover Bearing
RRC-1355 Rear Cover Stud
RRC-1355T Rear Cover Stud - Titanium
RRC-1360 Rear Cover High Nut - Old Style
RRC-1361 Rear Cover High Nut - Black
RRC-1361B Rear Cover High Nut - Blue
RRC-1361G Rear Cover High Nut - Gold
RRC-1365 Magnesium Rear Cover w/ Bearings (Old Style)
RRC-1365-01 Magnesium Rear Cover w/ Bearings - Black Thermal Coated (Old Style)
RRC-1366 Posi-Lock Retainer
RRC-1367 Posi-Lock O-Ring
RRC-1368 Pinion Washer
RRC-1369 Posi-Lock Nut - RH
RRC-1370 Posi-Lock Nut - LH
RRC-1371 Posi-Lock Kit - RH
RRC-1372 Posi-Lock Kit - LH
RRC-1385 Magnesium Rear Cover - No Bearings (Old Style)
RRC-1385-01 Magnesium Rear Cover - No Bearings - Black Thermal Coated (Old Style)
RRC-1386G Billet Aluminum Rear Cover w/ Bearings - Gold
RRC-1386B Billet Aluminum Rear Cover w/ Bearings - Black
RRC-1387G Billet AluminumRear Cover - No Bearings - Gold
RRC-1387B Billet AluminumRear Cover - No Bearings - Black
RRC-1390 Gear Cover Bearing Retainer
RRC-1391 Bolts for Gear Cover Bearing Retainer
RRC-1400 Internal 10-10 Coupler
RRC-1401 Aluminum Internal 10-10 Coupler
RRC-1405 10-10 External Snap Ring
RRC-1408 Silicone O-Ring for Locking Ring
RRC-1410 Internal 10-10 Front Bearing
RRC-1415 Internal 10-10 Seal
RRC-1416 Internal 10-10 Seal - Frankland Style
RRC-1420 Internal 10-10 Bearing Spacer
RRC-1425 10-10 Internal Snap Ring
RRC-1430 Internal 10-10 Lower Shaft
RRC-1431 Internal 10-10 Lower Shaft - Titanium
RRC-1431A Washer for Lower Shaft Snap Ring
RRC-1432 Lower Shaft for Swivel Coupler
RRC-1433 Lower Shaft for Swivel Coupler - Titanium
RRC-1435 Lower Shaft O-Ring
RRC-1440 Lower Shaft Snap Ring
RRC-1444 External 10-10 Front Bearing
RRC-1445 External 10-10 Lower Shaft
RRC-1445T External 10-10 Lower Shaft - Titanium
RRC-1447 External 10-10 Coupler
RRC-1448 External 10-10 Seal for Locking Ring
RRC-1460 Swivel Coupler Assy.
RRC-1461 Female Swivel Housing
RRC-1462 Male Ball Swivel
RRC-1463 Swivel Coupler Seal - Aluminum Housing
RRC-1464 Outer O-Ring for Swivel Seal
RRC-1465 Large Snap Ring for Female Housing
RRC-1466 Small Snap Ring for Female Housing
RRC-1467 Inner O-Ring for Swivel Seal
RRC-1468 Swivel Spring
RRC-1469 Spirolock for Male Ball
RRC-1470 Aluminum Collar for Quick Disconnect
RRC-1471 Lower Shaft Seal for Swivel Coupler
RRC-1472 Front Bearing Snap Ring for Female Housing
RRC-1474 Bottom Out Snap Ring for Female Housing
RRC-1490 .015 Torque Tube Shim
RRC-1491 .030 Torque Tube Shim
RRC-1492 .060 Torque Tube Shim
RRC-1500 Female Splined Shifter Coupler
RRC-1505 O.D. Shifter Bearing
RRC-1510 I.D. Shifter Bearing
RRC-1515 O.D. Shifter Coupler Snap Ring
RRC-1520 Housing Bore Snap Ring
RRC-1600 Male Splined Shifter Coupler
RRC-1605 Detent Spring
RRC-1610 Detent Ball
RRC-1615 Lower Stub Shaft
RRC-1616 Lower Stub Shaft - Titanium
RRC-1620 Stub Shaft Snap Ring
RRC-1625 Stub Shaft Bearing
RRC-1700 Shifter Housing - 4 Bolt (Old Style)
RRC-1701 Threaded Shifter Housing
RRC-1705 Shifter Housing O-Ring (Old Style)
RRC-1706 Shifter Housing Gasket - Winters Style
RRC-1707 O-Ring for Threaded Shifter Housing
RRC-1710 Shifter Shaft
RRC-1715 Shifter Shaft O-Ring
RRC-1720 Shifter Shaft Snap Ring
RRC-1725 Shifter Arm
RRC-1730 Bolt for Shifter Arm
RRC-1730T Bolt for Shifter Arm - Titanium
RRC-1735 AN Washer For Shift Arm
RRC-1740 Shifter Housing Bolt
RRC-1740T Shifter Housing Bolt - Titanium
RRC-1745 Shifter Housing AN Washer
RRC-1900 Snout Locking Ring Tool
RRC-1910 Kwik Fill Oil Connector Assy. w/ Covers
RRC-1911 Female Kwik Fill w/ Cover
RRC-1912 Male Kwik Fill w/ Cover
RRC-1913 Plastic Plug/Cap for Kwik Fill

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