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July 2015

Ultimate SmartTube Hub

DMI’s SmartTube style large bearing 5 on 5 hub and tube offers the ultimate in weight savings, strength, function and performance.

SmartTube style tubes save 5lbs. over conventional 2.5” GN. The billet steel hub features an inverted drive flange resulting in the use of 2” shorter axles and further reducing weight. Easy start studs make installing lug nuts a snap.


Jan. 2014

The Vault – Lock Quick Change Rear Cover is the hottest new item for 2014! Watch the video to see how the Vault-Lock turns timely gear changes into a 15 second job!

Sept. 2013

DMI introduces the T-Rex System. The demands placed on today’s arms and stops require the use of an additional safety device. We’ve all seen too many accidents caused by the right front stop being pulled off… NO MORE!

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Dec. 2011

Dave Ely from Diversified Machine Inc. (DMI) explains how DMI Reactor torsion bars are heat treated prior to machining, resulting in more consistency in their rates. Dave also tells the Speedway Motors Insider about DMI's "Ankle Saver" steel torque ball housing, as well as the XR-1 BullDog Rearend, a quick-change rear that features an O-ring seal gear cover and a warranty on the center section.

At the 2010 International Motorsports Industry Show held in Indianapolis, Indiana on December 1-3 Speedway Motors featured vendors from "America's Oldest Speedshop." This interview features Dave Ely of DMI Diversified Machine, Inc discussing the various products offered by DMI through Speedway Motors. Copyright 2010 X.CELERATED.